Age of Chaos

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Before the Spirit World was formed the world was ruled by primordial beings. Elementals, dragons, giants, fey, shadows, and celestials being the predominant groups. Alongside these large groups, there were others; small factions that dealt with the nature of reality.

Major Primordials

While many are accustomed to some of the various primordial beings, they have changed greatly since their reign in the Age of Chaos. The Primordials consisted of raw power and emotion, their descendants today are much more tame, and less powerful, than they used to be.

Fey (Neutral)

The fey were the forces of nature. They strove to bring balance to the world.

Dragons (None)

Dragons are known, and feared, far and wide; but they are nothing compared to their original form. These leviathans roamed the world and were both destructive and awinspiring. It was rare for any two dragons to work together, each having their own individual motives. They were the essence of freedom.

Celestials (Good)

A force of life and good, the celestials strove to bring about peace.

Shadows (Evil)

Opposing the celestials, the beasts of shadow, worked to bring evil wherever they went. Over time this group branched out and evolved. Demons and devils being major groups.

Giants (Neutral)

The giants were, and continue to be, the neutral force of the world. Their primordial ancestors taking this concept to the extreme.

Elementals (None)

The elementals were raw power and creation. Shaping the land as they fought the others and themselves, the elementals brought change.

Minor Primordials

Shifters (Chaos)

Functions (Law)