Age of Magic

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The Age of Magic is the time when the land was safe and prosperous. While the common races often had conflict among themselves, their vast empires (often elvish or dragonborn) protected the people from the horrors that dwell in the dark. Huge cities and strange wonders were created. However such a prosperous age could not last forever...


  • Humans adopt the elven calendar
  • Humans settle Uden Island
  • Trade with Atroa, Setsuni, and Entrin is established
  • Elves formalize the Rahiil Kingdom in Ohlm
  • Hashi Taneu redifines the gods of Zeetithican as nobility structure
  • A bitter winter causes Setsuni to begin raiding more for food and wealth,
  • Eastern Ohlm economy cripples as raids from Setsuni begin to increase dramatically
  • Noble Houses of Zeetithican solidified as the continent is unified under Emperor Hozumi
  • Zeetithican culture shifts to focus on art and beauty
  • Zeetithican has an economic boom
  • Orgahla Empire falls and is reborn as the Argorzen Empire
  • Elves invent the first teleportation spells
  • Gnomes appear in Ohlm from unknown lands
  • Grass Elves begin to focus on magic and technology more than nature

The Fall

Main article: The Fall

On a day like any other, the world shattered. It’s said the sky exploded in all manor of colors as for some unknown reason the border between the Physical World and the Spirit World waned. Demons swarmed the land. Ancient horrors escaped their imprisonment. And the world was cast into darkness.