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Physical World

The physical world is home to many sentient beings. These are some of the most common races an adventurer is likely to meet.


Main article: Humans

Of all the numerous races in Istva, humans are by far the most populous. In Ohlm, humans spearheaded the fight against the demons in the Age of Heroes. As such they managed to secure their place in the world forever. While shorter lived than the dwarves and elves, humans reproduce much faster and thus were not as devastated by the vast loss of life in the Age of Fear as the other races. As such many of the kingdoms in Ohlm were created by humans.


Main article: Dragonborn

Dragonborn, one of the more uncommon races, are said to have been created by the creation gods to reward the Dragons who once ruled the world. As such the dragonborn do not typically worship the common gods of the other races, but instead worship the original ten dragonborn. The largest civilizations of dragonborn are the Vaeringjar (vikings) of Setsuni. However during the Age of Magic there were several prominent dragonborn empires spread out across Southern Ohlm.


Main article: Dwarves

Making their homes in the mountain ranges that surround civilization, the dwarves live in solitude. Their ancient cities, many of which remain a secret to outsiders, kept them safe during the Age of Fear. This made them one of the most populous races. However, since the dawn of the Age of Heroes the dwarves have started opening up some of their ancient cities to other races, and are commonly seen in the cities of men.


Main article: Elves

Making their homes in the large forests of the land or in their great cities built during the Age of Magic, the elves of Southern Ohlm have been dwindling in numbers since the Age of Fear and are now uncommon. Elves, living up to 600 years old, still remember vividly the horrors of that Age and the huge hit to their population that it caused. Since the Age of Heroes many elves have decided to simply integrate themselves into the kingdoms of other races, rather than attempt to rebuild their own lost kingdoms. Those who wanted to remain independent found home with their kin in the forests, or in their ancestral cities that remained in their hands since the Fall.


Main article: Gnomes

Gnomes have always flirted in and out of the history of the world. They’re not believed to be native to any known continent, instead arriving by boat in various locations across the Physical World early in the Age of Magic. What prompted their journey has remained unknown, only that they fled something terrible. Without any real lands of their own, they integrated themselves into mixed race countries in varying numbers. As such they can be found most everywhere.


Main article: Halflings

Halflings can trace their origin back to Atroa. The island chain is one of the only real halfling nations in the world, and it has been home to their race since the Age of Order. Similar to the gnomes, the halflings were hit hard during the Fall. However, their relatively distant lands managed to survive without too much damage. While most of their kin prefer to stay in their own communities, there are a decent number of halflings who have found their way to the cities and towns of men and made their home there.


Main article: Half-Orcs

Similar to half-elves, half-orcs are the result of a human and orc pairing. However due to orcs’ more aggressive nature it is rare for humans to seek shelter with them, or for the humans to allow orcs safety in their cities. But it did happen occasionally during the Age of Fear, and as such most half orcs today are only a quarter orc or human. Nowadays a true half-orc is quite rare, usually the child of a human who prefers the wilderness than the cities.


Main article: Half-Elves

Half-elves, are the result of a human and elf reproducing. While relatively uncommon in the ages past, half-elves are now one of the most common races. During the Age of Fear many humans found sanctuary in the forests of the elves, or vice-versa with the great cities of men or grass elves. As such half-elves became a commonplace across the Physical World. Eventually, as time passed, pure half-elves became more rare. Nowadays it’s more common for a “half elf” to only be a quarter elf.


Main article: Tabaxis

Tabaxi make their home in various extreme locations across the Physical World. The largest groups of their race are found in the northern tundras of Ohlm, the jungles of Entrin, and the deserts of Zeetithican.


Main article: Firbolgs

Firbolgs are reclusive and tend to avoid civilization. They are the result of a merge between the Giants and the Fey. Living in small villages or communities, firbolgs are at home in the ancient forests and mountains of the Physical World. Like any race, there are outliers. It’s not unheard of for a firbolg to abandon their village in search of adventure in the civilized lands around them.

Spirit World

The Spirit World is home to many sentient beings. Forging their place in the treacherous and magic infused land, these peoples are hardy and strong. This section will focus on the more commonly known races of the Spirit World that are suitable for players to use. Be sure to talk to your DM to figure out a backstory if you choose to play as one of these more exotic races.


Main article: Genasi

The genasi are mortals who, after untold generations, slowly adapted to living in the more elemental extremes of the Spirit World. There are no great Genasi Empires or nations however, instead they tend to live more nomadically without any major political presence. Of all the races in the Spirit World, the Genasi are the rarest and have the smallest population. Due to the magical energy behind their evolution, genasi tend to live slightly longer than humans, reaching up to 150 years of age.


Main article: Goliaths

Cousins to the giants, goliaths hail from the Elemental Mountain. While at home in the Spirit World, small communities of goliaths have left the Spirit World and settled in the mountains of the Physical World. The Storm Mountains in Ohlm are one such example.


Main article: Kenku

Kenku are the result of a great curse that was laid down by the gods in ages past. What they were before, where they lived, and what they did is unknown. Cursed to live as flightless bird-esque creatures, kenku have wandered the Spirit World for all recorded history. Due to their physical changes, kenku have the ability to mimic nearly any sound they hear. As such their language, Kentuk, consists of a mix of Common and Auran words, uttered in their own rough voice, and various sounds that represent symbols. Flocks of Kenku have managed to leave the Spirit World throughout the ages. Many find their way to cultural hubs where they put their skills to use. Others wander empty lands of the Physical World, searching for the key to their salvation.


Main article: Tieflings

Like their cousins the aasimar, tieflings are an offshoot of humans who made their way into the Spirit World in ages past. Eventually they settled in the Grey Void, an area outside the Twin City. Over time these humans evolved with the help of the magic of the spirit world to reflect their surroundings, giving them a demonic appearance.


Main article: Aasimar