Demon Lord

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Name Other Names Titles Concerns
Baourum Baphomet Prince of Beasts Minotaurs, Beasts
Blecnoth Juiblex The Faceless Lord Oozes, Slimes, and Jellies
Dyr'and Yeenoghu Prince of Gnolls Gnolls
Gandkor Demogorgon Prince of Demons Demonkind
Hinar Graz'zt King of Chaos Tyrants, Despots, Guile, Debauchery
Uthmolga Zuggtmoy Lady of Fungi Fungi, Rot, Decay
Valdrun Fraz-Urb'luu Prince of Deception Lies, Subterfuge, Illusion
Hundana Lolth Lady of Wrath Drow
Xentus Orcus Prince of the Undead Undead, Abyssal ascension, Escape from death