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A band of adventurers working to destroy Tor the Deathless before he invades the Kingdom of Halbor in the Inda'lete Meadow.



Various plots brought these six adventurers together in Karth, a small village on the eastern edge of the Kingdom of Halbor. These seemingly unrelated events led the adventurers to discover that not all was as it seemed in this area of civilization on the border of wilderness. Overtime the adventurers thwarted a rakshasa that was impersonating a local lord, assisted a forest guardian in keeping creatures of shadow at bay, befriended a dragon of gems, and discovered a terrible plot to rise ancient lords.

The adventurers, now known as the Dreadhunters, are attempting to thwart Tor the Deathless and his plan to raise his fallen allies. After reclaiming a forgotten stronghold, Castle Ashfall, the Dreadhunters have placed themselves directly between Tor and the civilization he once ruled.



  • Tor the Deathless