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Adventure is never too far away in Istva for those who seek it. The lands between cities often are claimed by bandits or marauding cultures. The many forests, swamps, and mountain ranges are filled with its own unique dangers; be it an orc tribe, a deadly dragon, or demons leftover from The Fall. Ruins of ancient cultures are found across the land and deep caves delve deep below the surface. Often the treasures of ancient races can still be found in these forgotten places, as long as one is willing to risk their life to claim them.

The Physical World

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Vriem (the "Material Plane" of Istva some may say) is made up of many different continents and large islands. Travel between them is a difficult and long journey, taking months by ship. Only the most experienced and well seasoned captains dare make the journey. As such most knowledge of other continents is mostly rumors and tales passed down through time.

The Spirit World

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Housing most of the magical energy in Istva, the Spirit World contains many wonders, and dangers. Most of the inhabitants of the Spirit World are related to the gods. Being either celestials, fey, or demons. None of which enjoy the company of mortals. Physics don’t work the same in the Spirit World as they do in the physical world of Vriem, as such magic is often required to get around the various sections (or 'planes' if you wish to think of it that way).

Using Magic

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All magic in Istva either originates from Gods or from the Spirit World. Some creatures can innately siphon magic from the Spirit World (Sorcerers, Magical Creatures), others need to study and learn how to manipulate the natural magic that seeps into the Physical World from the Spirit World by use of sound and/or material components (Wizards, Bards, Druids, Rangers). Powerful creatures that have an innate connection to the magic of the Spirit World can act as a funnel for others: Fiends and Demons are notorious for granting this access of power to mortals, however other magical creatures often grant their power to mortals as well (Warlocks, Druids, Rangers). Others may sidestep the Spirit World connection all together and get their magic funneled to them by the gods—or through a saint if they’re human (Clerics, Paladins).