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Map of Kadai

Races Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Half Elves, Dragonborn
Ruler High Council of Kadai
Population 10,000

Kadai is the Capital of Uden.



The area that would become Kadai was initially settled by Humans in the Time of Order. Lake Cree, the Sprite Forest, and the fertile fields provided an ideal area to start a community.


Over time Kadai grew to be a small town, focusing on the fish and lumber industries. It remained a mostly Human settlement, however the city did acquire a decent sized elf population.

Age of Magic

Like much of Uden, Kadai remained free from the rule elves and dragonborn. The town seeming to remain frozen in time, out of the minds of many except those who lived in the town.

Age of Fear

Kadai acquired a few refugees from neighboring major cities as Demons swarmed the lands. Following the trail of refugees the city was attacked six months after The Fall. A great elven mage Hameea, who had resided in the town for over five hundred years, made her way through the warzone and cast a powerful spell. The spell created a large sphere of protection around the city, nearly eighteen miles in diameter, that cast out the demons. The spell came with a great cost, killing Hameea and turning her body to stone.