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Istva is a homebrew universe influenced by traditional western fantasy and eastern cultures. Unlike most tabletop RPG settings, Istva doesn’t have a multi-planar system. Instead there is simply a Physical World (the Material Plane) and a Spirit World (most all of the other typical planes combined into an extreme reflection of the Physical World). Think of it like Avatar the Last Airbender or Spirited Away. All of the magic in the universe originates from the Spirit World (or from the gods themselves). As such, the Physical World is more “low fantasy” (think Middle Earth), magic is decently rare, and many rural folk probably have never seen it in person. Even the largest temples and churches in a city may only have access to minor healing spells.

Currently the Wiki is rather small and chaotic. The easiest way to navigate the mess besides the search bar is through the Long Pages link on the sidebar or the Category Hierarchy Section below.

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About this Wiki

Articles in this wiki are written from an in-universe perspective. As such, information found here can be 'fallible'. Or simply missing. The history of Istva is constantly changing, and new things are always being discovered. Obviously content in this wiki is public, so don't throw your deep dark secrets of the universe in here if you're not ready for people to know about them.

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In order to make the wiki navigable be sure to add categories to pages you make. To add your page to a category use the following syntax [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]]. You can add as many categories as you want. Categories should be setup in a hierarchical fashion. You can see the current hierarchy of the wiki below. When assigning a parent to a category page, it should always be the smallest, most specific, group it is a member of.

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