Matilija Romenya

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Matilija Romenya
Biographical Information
Alias Poppy (childhood name)
Titles Baroness of Quadrim
Lord of House Romenya
Born 688 A.F., in Engle
Died 805, Tranmos 18th A.F., in Kelmir Fortress
resurrected 805 A.F., Tranmos 20th A.F.
Killed by Graz the Balor in Vismar on Bromos 15th, 805 A.F.
Spouse Clarion Maika
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brown

Matilija Romenya (born Poppy) is the second of four children in a large and widespread merchant family.

The Romenya clan controls a large portion of trade between both humans and elves in their home city Dengar. The Romenya clan also handles a majority of the trade between the Ellossis Kingdom and the Grontveld Kingdom with their secondary contacts in Engle. It's also rumored that they have some...less savory dealings as well.

The Romenya leadership (Matilija's parents, Quarion and Kirali) have their eyes on ascending to the circles of nobility, either through the marriage of one of their children or gaining a title of their own.

Quarion and Kirali, while willing to make deals with non-elves, find them ephemeral and uncultured. Their children generally disagree, having grown up in a large, diverse city.

Matilija is on the outs with her parents because of her initial decision to study magic in Vismar rather than immediately going into the family business, and then her later choice to drop out just before graduation. The rest of the Romenya adults have no opinion regarding this and treat her normally.

Matilija had a traumatic experience with undead creatures while traveling between cities as a child. Therefore, she is completely merciless in dispatching them as an adult. As a cleric she opposes the use of necromancy (citing her service to Cra'vor as 'balance-keeping') and believes it is her divine charge to wreak havoc on necromancers in general.