Mezzorath River Basin

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Ashar Kingdom

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The Ashar Kingdom is one of the smaller kingdoms in the Mezzorath River Basin. There is a perpetual unease between them and the Liten Kingdom, with the border between the two often seeing skirmishes and territorial disputes. It’s capital, Poorman Crossing, is named after St. Grahame the Destitute who lived there during the Age of Magic while it was still a dragonborn city.

The Claws of Awknoth

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Ruled by the Silverhammer Dwarf Clan, the Claws of Awknoth are a rugged and sharp-peaked mountain range. Named for the dragonborn god of the same name, the mountains are of significant importance to the lands of the Mezzorath River Basin as a geographical barrier and as a home to various independent political powers. Not only do they boast one of the most powerful dwarf clans, they also are home to the Red Guard in Ceartas Citadel, in addition to several monasteries and temples scattered throughout the mountains.

According to legend, there is a silver dragon who keeps watch over the mountains as well, though some say that’s just a story invented by the dwarves.

The Forest of Souls

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Aside from the few elven enclaves that live just inside the borders, the rest of the forest is untamed and full of darkness. It’s said to have gained its name from the number of people who have entered the massive forest but never returned.

The Gray Fells

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The tall mountain range east of the Zorm Wood is ruled by the Greybeard Dwarf Clan. While the dwarves have several cities and outposts throughout the mountain range, only Nazir is known to—and allows—outsiders. Several monasteries have been built on the mountains as well as it’s said they are close to the Gilded Mountains of the Spirit World. Though scholars will say that’s not how it works...

The Grazz Fells

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An older and gentler mountain range south of the Fiendmarch, the Grazz Fells are ruled by the Embereye Dwarf Clan. Talbrek’zi is the only dwarven outpost that’s known to the other races.

The Kingdom of Halbor

Main article: Kingdom of Halbor

Stretching from Zorm Wood to the Forest of Souls, the human ruled kingdom is one of the largest countries along the Mezzorath River. The kingdom gets its name from its founder, King Halbor the Strong. Who, in year 358 After the Fall finalized his conquest of the smaller, fractured, kingdoms that dotted the land and setup Clearwater City as his seat of power. While the kingdom has always had tense relations with the Liten Kingdom on its southern border, it has managed to avoid large scale conflict for most of its existence. This in part is due to its strategic geographic location. The only large nations that border the kingdom have no easy way to invade without first marching through vast forests or fording the Mezzorath River at well defended points.

Liten Kingdom

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Sandwiched between the Kingdom of Halbor and the Ashar Kingdom, the Liten Kingdom formed when the City State of Nishoe Crossing and the Onistii Kingdom joined together to repel advances by the Kingdom of Halbor. While there is a peace treaty between Liten and Halbor, there have been disputes regarding territory along the Mezzorath River in the past.

Neverlight Forest

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A mixed forest set between the Ashar Kingdom and the Grazz Fells, Neverlight gained its name from its infamously known thick canopy. Some say you need a lantern just to navigate certain parts of the forest during the day.

Ustari Kingdom

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The lands west of the Forest of Souls if held by the Ustari Kingdom. The kingdom is known for its booming trade economy, as it borders the Maviiten Kingdom on the Gold Coast, the kingdoms in the heart of the continent, and the dwarves that dwell in the Claws of Awknoth. Its capital, Quenford, is an ancient elven city that has withstood the test of time. It’s people are quite obsessed with chivalry and the honor of knights.

The Wraith Forest

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Nestled between the Godsmark and the Daudmark, the Wraith Forest is another untamed primeval forest. Aside from the elven town Al’Barum the forest is untouched by law. The source of the Ethereal River lies in the heart of the forest, and it’s said that anyone who can reach it is granted one wish by the Spirit of the Forest

Zorm Wood

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The massive evergreen forest sits at the base of the Gray Fells. Once home to a great elven nation, there are now only a few outposts still occupied by elves. The rest have yet to be reclaimed since The Fall.

Factions and Organizations

Throughout the Mezzorath River Basin there are various factions and organizations that transcend the borders of kingdoms and empires.

Eyes of the Watcher

Main article: Eyes of the Watcher

An ancient secret society, the Eyes of the Watcher, or the Order of Stone as some call them, has existed since time immemorial. Members of the organization spend their time gathering information about the world, and reporting things of interest back to their ancient headquarters in the Primordial Temple. The group is particularly interested in keeping tabs on current events, especially those that involve the Spirit World and the Wall Between Worlds.


  • Knowledge is the most powerful weapon.
  • One can shape destiny with unnoticed nudges and whispers in the right ears.
  • Maintaining balance between the worlds is more important than anyone, or anything.


Gather information throughout Istva, maintain the integrity of the Wall Between Worlds, remain hidden, and prevent any wars between the worlds.

The Green Order

Main article: Green Order

A widespread group of like-minded individuals who value nature, respect its power, and seek to help others survive its wrath. A ranger may lead a herbalist to the heart of the Soul Forest in order for them to collect vital herbs needed to save the life of a child. A barbarian may live a nomadic life protecting villages from violent attacks of wandering orcs. While the Green Order is not adverse to civilization, they seek to prevent chaos where civilization and nature meet.

Members of the Green Order typically work alone and far apart. Those who become especially powerful may be tasked with defending specific shrines or groves from those who seek to destroy them.


  • Those who wish to cause chaos must be removed.
  • Nature is alive and should be respected like any powerful creature.
  • Many need help surviving the apathy of nature.


Maintain the natural order of the world, help others survive in the wilderness, and ensure neither nature nor civilization destroy one another.

Red Guard

Main article: Red Guard

Seeking to bring justice for the commonfolk, the Red Guard travel the land and dispatch evil and corruption. Often without, or even against, the blessing of local rulers. Typically paladins or clerics, members of the Red Guard all worship the Red Lord and his saints.

Based out of Ceartas Citadel, the typical member of the Red Guard lives a nomadic life, only returning to the fortress to participate in votes or debates. Or, should they reach such an age without dying, they return to become teachers and sages of future Guards.


  • The Red Lord’s justice surpasses all laws.
  • Evil breeds in the absence of justice.
  • The life of a farmer is worth the same as the life of a king.


The Red Guard strive to rid the world of tyrants and evil by enforcing justice. This means identifying potentially evil groups and peoples, and being ready to strike the moment they act out.

The Silver Tower

Main article: Silver Tower

Made up of the most skilled and knowledgeable wizards and magic users of the continent, the Silver Tower works to discover new magics. Additionally it keeps watch to ensures magic is not used to dominate others on a political level, as the wizards of the Silver Tower know that not much could stop a powerful magician (or group of magicians) from taking over a country. The organization itself is relatively informal, with many of its members preferring to work out in their own towers and laboratories and only meeting with others to share their discoveries.


  • Magic should not be used to gain political power.
  • There are more schools of magic waiting to be discovered.
  • Sharing knowledge is the key to growth.


Discover new schools of magic and create new spells, while also preventing rogue magicians from gaining political power or influence.

The Tomb Keepers

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Working to protect the mortal world from undead, the Tomb Keepers wander the countryside in search of ancient crypts and the necromancers and grave robbers who would disturb them. Often working alone or in a master and apprentice pair, the Tomb Keepers take their job seriously and will kill without mercy. There is no formal leadership structure in the organization, just exchanges of information or requests for help from one member to another.


  • That which is entombed should never be disturbed.
  • Protecting the sleeping dead is a sacred duty
  • No undead should be allowed to walk the land.


Prevent the raising of undead at all costs.