Niffler Shoes

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Niffler Shoes

Niffler Shoes

Biographical Information
Alias The ignorant feral child
Fairy Girl
Born 730 A.F., in Shoes Farm
Died Killed by Graz the Balor on Bromos 15th, 805 A.F., in Vismar
Physical Description
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Height 3'1"
Hair Color Dark Brown, streaks of Green
Eye Color Yellow
Skin Color Dark Olive


Niffler Shoes is the third daughter of Eleanor and Straps Shoes. Strap Shoes is the youngest son of Sparkles Shoes. Sparkle Shoes is the first son and rumored assassin of Norman Shoes. Norman Shoes began the Shoes Farming commune.

Becoming a Ranger

Niffler Shoes grew up on a gnome farming commune. In this community Grandpa Sparkles Shoes was in charge of extended family as he was the eldest gnome. He did not have a particularly close relationship with Niffler, but passively gained her respect and loyalty as he did with all farming gnomes.
When Niffler was 7, she was out in the fields as was the forest gnome's jobs. She was left behind by the adults in the group and would have died if a fairy who called himself Majin hadn't come along. Majin taught Niffler many of her ranger skills as she survived until her family found her again.
From the age 7 to 55, Niffler returned to the forest to play with Majin, they pulled many pranks on her commune.

Stopping a tragedy

Unfortunately, at 55, Niffler's engagement partner was announced. She was to marry her 5th cousin, it is said that the gnome had asked to leave the family to live in the forest but had been denied. Upon hearing that his friend would have to leave, Majin decided that killing her fiance, grandfather Sparkles and then burning the commune to the ground was the best plan of action to help his friend and keep her in the forest. Niffler, however, thought otherwise. After much argument and clear plans of mass murder, Niffler was forced to shoot her friend when he had turned away from her. He was pinned to an oak tree. After this tragedy, it was two months before she returned to the forest. The arrow was still in the oak tree, but there was no sign of the fay's body. After this event she had decided to hunt and live as a forest gnome until her wedding day came. Luckily for Niffler, a few months before the wedding she was swept away onto the side of a mountain. There her true adventure began.

Getting Borfis

Borfis is a Tibetan Mastiff purchased with the help of Matilija. It took a day for him to bond with Niffler, and has since served as her gnome horse. He is loyal, a bit more wary of danger than his master and has excellent senses. His favorite treats are squirrel jerky and femur bones. He enjoys having his ears scratched and his belly rubbed.

Opinion of Party Members

Recorded opinions by Niffler


"Oh she's great, she's my new best friend! I really like how she knows stuff." "She is not related to the statue of that one elf." "If anyone tries to kill Matilija again I'll have to rip their throats out myself."


"...I don't know why, but sometimes we shout at the Moon. It's mostly Zurghed, but I try it too to feel included."


"He's a prostitute." "He says he's not a prostitute, but then why whenever we're in a city does he disappear every night?"


"At first I thought he was a bit scary, being four times my size, but he's nice." "Great for piggy back rides and lifts into trees."

Borf Borf