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With the Celestial Ocean to the west and the Primordial Ocean the to the east, the continent of Ohlm is considered by some to be the center of the known world. A land shaped by war and chaos, Ohlm is dominated by human kingdoms, city-states, or less formal political powers. Bordering these civilized lands lie great dwarven cities and fortresses hidden in vast mountain ranges, ancient primeval forests home to small conclaves of elves, small communities of gnomes and halflings, and even stranger and reclusive peoples.

The continent is divided into three parts by the great cold-desert: The Sands of Dyr'and. Northern Ohlm is a frigid tundra home to the hardiest peoples. Southern Ohlm is a temperate climate, and home to the vast majority of the population. Eastern Ohlm is home to a dense jungle and coastal peoples.