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Shadows are one of the primordial groups created by the Old Gods. The original shadows were a set of siblings, Eblis, Hinar, and Volin. Beings of darkness and death, the shadows brought pain and suffering into the world. For much of the Age of Chaos the shadows and celestials fought a timeless war.

After being locked in the Spirit World during the Time of Order the shadows constructed a massive tiered city, Narci. However, not long after they accomplished that great feat, the shadows fractured into three groups. Each faction was led by one of the original siblings. Eblis led his faction who exploited laws, later known as devils, to bring evil to the land. Hinar led the beings of chaos who sought only destruction, later known as demons. Volin, the eldest, led the remaining shadows into the depths below the Narci. War soon broke out between Eblis and Hinar, and Narci was split in half; giving it it's name the Twin City.