Southern Ohlm

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Southern Ohlm 447 A.F.

Southern Ohlm consists of the portion of Ohlm south of the Sands of Dyr'and. Most of the populated area is the fertile land bordered by the Dragonback Mountains and the Dragontail Mountains to the north, the Grey Fells and Grazz Fells to the east, and the ocean and the Gold Sea to the west. There are several islands as well, the largest being Uden Island just on the west side of the Gold Sea. The second largest island is Than'rak Island, which is located on the northern part of the Gold Sea. the Isle of Fire is an active volcano in the northern part of the Gold Sea. and the Storm Islands are off the coast of the Storm Mountains to the southwest.

Most people in Ohlm are ignorant of the other lands that exist in the world. Only those who travel the seas or are educated are vaguely aware of the other continents. Even Northern Ohlm and Eastern Ohlm are hazy and distant places to many in Southern Ohlm.

Ohlmians however are accustomed to seeing people of different races or cultures. Only in extremely isolated rural villages are people shocked to see one of the more rare races. Meanwhile, in the larger cities it’s not uncommon to see traditionally evil humanoid races wandering the streets.


The Gold Coast

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Comprised of the area surrounding the Gold Sea, the Gold Coast is a rich and green area full of trade and prosperity. With the Karnoth Kingdom to the north and the Maviiten Kingdom to the south, the land between is full of small coastal towns and ancient fortresses.

The Mezzorath River Basin

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Stretching from the Grey Fells to the Gold Coast, the Mezzorath River is the longest river on the continent. A multitude of kingdoms thrive around it and its tributaries, such as the Kingdom of Halbor and the Ustari Kingdom. The land also contains several primeval forests that civilization has yet to tame; such as the Forest of Souls.

The Dragon Basin

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The area inscribed by the Dragonback and Dragontail Mountains makes up the Dragon Basin. Much of the land is untamed wilds and massive forests dominate the landscape. The Dragon River Alliance is the only real civilized political power aside from the Karnoth Kingdom on the Gold Coast. The southeast portion of the basin is made up of various outposts and towns without any official government, only bound together by loose treaties and trade. The elven city of Zahr’mad lies deep in the Ethya forest, though according to legend, outsiders will never be able to find it uninvited.


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Uden Island

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Than'rak Island

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Storm Islands

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Azutken Wastes

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Sands of Dry'and

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The Stormlands

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