Time of Order

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The Spirit World was created, along with a majority of the shorter lived humanoid races like the humans and dragonborn. The gods forced the more magic innate primordial beings into the Spirit World before it was sealed.


  • The Elven Calendar was created
  • Humans appeared in Zeetithican, dragonborn appeared in Setsuni
  • Dragonborn focused on power and wealth
  • Dwarves set the gold standard
  • The dragonborn Zeknar begins the Epics of Ashkan's Court
  • The dwarf Gripir has a vision and writes the Six Prophecies of Authr
  • Dwarves believe keeping their ahlls secret will protect them from destruction
  • Dragonborn begin to migrate to Ohlm
  • Human gods enter the record, revelation by Tatsu the Wise
  • Dragonborn metallurgy created
  • Groups of humans entered the Spirit World
  • Faction of elves begins to pursue tech and discovery
  • Trade is established across all of Ohlm
  • Rise of the dragonborn empires of Ohlm, Erkahz, Orgahla, and Arkon
  • Elves begin to leave the forests of Ohlm
  • Trade is established between Ohlm and Zeetithican
  • War of the Plains, elves vs. Orgahla
  • Humans begin to migrate north to Ohlm
  • Kanash the Seer, a human sage, defines the four nature gods of Ohlm