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Throughout the cosmos, there is only one planet that seems to be inhabited. This planet is Vriem. Not that many who live there are even aware it has a name beyond “the world”. Vriem has many different continents and large islands across its surface. Travel between them is a difficult and long journey, taking months by ship. Only the most experienced and well seasoned captains dare make the journey. As such most knowledge of other continents is mostly rumors and tales passed down through time.


Main article: Ohlm

With the Celestial Ocean to the west and the Primordial Ocean the to the east, the continent of Ohlm is considered by some to be the center of the known world. A land shaped by war and chaos, Ohlm is dominated by human kingdoms, city-states, or less formal political powers. Bordering these civilized lands lie great dwarven cities and fortresses hidden in vast mountain ranges, ancient primeval forests home to small conclaves of elves, small communities of gnomes and halflings, and even stranger and reclusive peoples. The continent is divided into three parts by the great cold-desert: The Sands of Dyr’and. Northern Ohlm is a frigid tundra home to the hardiest peoples. Southern Ohlm is a temperate climate, and home to the vast majority of the population. Eastern Ohlm is home to a dense jungle and coastal peoples.


Main article: Zeetithican

Dividing the Celestial Ocean and the Primordial Ocean is the land of Zeetithican. Most of the continent is filled with dense jungles and sparse deserts. Humans dominate the deserts and plains, while elves and dwarves live in the jungles and mountains.


Main article: Entrin

East of the Primordial Ocean lies the continent of Entrin. Consisting of great jungles and lush landscapes, it is a land full of life and strange creatures. Loxodons, yuan-ti, tortles, and tabaxi call this land home.

The cultures and peoples of Entrin seem alien to those in Ohlm. Tales from Entrin tell of strange, almost otherworldly races, and of great treasures and goods rare to Ohlm. This makes it a popular destination for seafarers looking to bring home riches to trade


Main article: Setsuni

Rising up from the northern frozen waters of the Primordial Ocean are the vast mountainous islands of Setsuni. The frigid islands are home to the savage Vaeringjar, dragonborn who spend their lives pillaging and raiding the more fertile coasts of Entrin and Ohlm. Stories are often told of their ferocious warriors and savage tendencies, striking fear into the hearts of many. Traders and sailors often hold a deep seated hatred for Setsuni as many a ship is lost to the Vaeringjar while traveling in their waters. It’s said that Setsuni is the birthplace of the dragonborn, and the Vaeringjar are the remnants of their original culture.


Main article: Atroa

In the middle of the Celestial Ocean lies the volcanic island chain of Atroa. Home to mostly halflings, the islands are filled with strange creatures that dwell in it’s jungles and acidic plains. The cultures of Atroa survive on fishing and trading, with sugar being their main export.


Main article: Ventol

Legends speak of another continent on the west side of the Celestial Ocean. Its name, Ventol, is only mentioned in a handful of ancient tomes. Who and what calls that land home is unknown. None have ever journeyed there and returned to tell the tale.