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Istva is full of unremembered history. The most ancient beings and demigods of the world tell legends of a time before the common races existed. Tales of when the gods fought each other. Stories of dragons ruling the world: keeping watch as the celestials and fey fought against demons and elementals. The creation of the new races, and subsequent banishment of the old.

The Different Ages of Vreim

Age of Chaos - ∞ B.F

Main article: Age of Chaos

The Old Gods arrived and created the physical universe. The world was populated by the Primordials—Dragons, Giants, Celestials, Shadows, Fey, and Elementals being the primary groups—who raged war with one another for countless ages. The gods seemed content to let the world take care of itself.

Time of Order - 5,000 B.F.

Main article: Time of Order

The Old Gods returned and created the Spirit World. Many of the Primordials were then locked away inside it, along with all sources of magic, and the Old Gods departed the Spheres of the World. Many of the shorter lived ancestries came into existence at this point as well, and the New Gods were born with them.

Age of Magic - 1000 B.F.

Main article: Age of Magic

The Age of Magic is the time when the land was safe and prosperous. While the common ancestries often had conflict among themselves, their vast empires (often elvish or dragonborn) protected the people from the horrors that dwell in the dark. Huge cities and strange wonders were created.

The Fall of Magic

Main article: The Fall of Magic

On a day like any other, the world shattered. It’s said the sky exploded in all manor of colors as for some unknown reason the wall between the Physical World and the Spirit World waned. Demons and Fiends swarmed the land. Ancient horrors escaped their imprisonment. And the world was cast into darkness.

Age of Fear - 0 A.F.

Main article: Age of Fear

With unknown and rarely seen monsters now appearing in vast numbers, the great empires and kingdoms of the world began to fall. The once beautiful glowing metropolises were coated red with the blood of its citizens. As their world collapsed around them, the various ancestries fled and hid. Often to no avail. This time of fear and slaughter lasted for two and a half hundred years, until the heroes emerged.

Age of Heroes - 252 A.F.

Main article: Age of Heroes

Blessed by the gods, wielding long forgotten weapons, and absent of fear, the heroes assaulted the shadows. Reclaiming their long abandoned cities and homes. And ultimately banishing the great Demon Lords and Arch Devils back to the Twin City in the Spirit World. Stories of these heroes great battles have been sung by the bards ever since.

Age of Nations- 387 A.F.

Main article: Age of Nations

With the most fearsome and powerful demons and devils once again banished, the peoples began to rebuild and claim the now empty land. Small city-states appeared led by mixed races, the dwarves opened the doors to some of their ancient cities, most of the few remaining elves retreated into the forests, and new kingdoms of men appeared and claimed territory.

Today, these new nations of men are nearly always fighting domestic or foreign wars as they struggle to finalize borders or secure power. It is rare for them to ever fight the elves in their forests or the dwarves in their mountain-homes.