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Dûrok, son of Dûthmér

'Portrait of Dûrok, painted before his capture by the Air Elemental'

Biographical Information
Chief of Clan Deloi
Born 256 years ago
Died  — 
Physical Description
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown

"I need another ale" - Dûrok

Dûrok son of Dûthmér, is a craftsman, guide, and adventurer. He has traveled the world in search of gold and honor.



Dûrok puts honor above all else. While he tends to be very tactical and analytical, that does not stop him from rushing into battle if it will bring honor to his clan.


Dûrok wields a large two-handed dwarven battle-ax. It was forged by his father as a parting gift. Dûrok is also skilled with knives and dwarven recurve-bows made of horn.



Early Life

Dûrok was born in Cardozuda, the ancient stronghold of the Mountain Dwarf Clan Deloi, the son of the smith Dûthmér and cook Hezona. Following in his fathers footsteps, Dûrok studied the art of smithing and masonry. However, he was never content living inside the halls of his forefathers; he yearned to bring honor to his clan and experience the outside world for himself. Occasionally he would get a chance to talk to the traders and merchants who visited the Dwarven city and hear stories of the outside world, and with each conversation Dûrok's desire to leave the city grew larger.

At the age of 22, and after much haggling and arguments, he finally convinced a group of traders to allow himself to accompany them on their journey to the closest major Human city, Oxwich. During this journey Dûrok soon learned that he had a great memory for maps and geography. He soon became friends with one of the older companions, the guide dwarf Edocsil. Durok was fascinated by the older dwarfs stories and the older dwarf soon started teaching Dûrok of the stars and how to navigate by them. During the day Edocsil showed Dûrok how to hunt, gather, and how to survive in the wilderness while traveling.


After arriving at Oxwich, Edocsil offered to take Dûrok on as his apprentice. After accepting Dûrok spent the next three years traveling with Edocsil learning all about wandering the land and being a guide for merchants and travelers. Finally the duo split apart, with Dûrok taking his first solo guide job. He spent seven years being a guide, his clients ranging from merchants to small armies. One fateful day however, while guiding a group of human merchants to a far away Deloi settlement, Dûrok came across a large Orc army headed towards the city. Desperate to warn the settlement of the incoming army, he left his group of travelers behind and ran 25 miles straight to reach the Dwarves before the army. Sadly, dispite the warning, the Dwarves could not fend off the attack. Thus began the Deloi Extinction War.

Efforts in the War

As a member of the Deloi Clan, Dûrok was a part of the Deloi Army in the Deloi Extinction War. As an experienced guide he was given the task of guiding troops across the Deloi Lands. As the war continued the Deloi Clan sustained more and more losses wile the Orcs' army continued to grow. After nearly two years there was only one real Deloi Army left; Dûrok was leading them back to Cardozuda.


Capture and Escape

At the age of 47 Dûrok was captured by an Air Elemental and held captive. After 198 years of magical imprisonment he was rescued by Dawn Tracker.