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==Eternal Wildfire==
==Eternal Wildfire==
{{Main|Eternal Wildfire}}
{{Main|Eternal Wildfire}}
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Housing most of the magical energy in Istva, the Spirit World contains many wonders, and dangers. Most of the inhabitants of the Spirit World are related to the gods. Being either celestials, fey, or demons. None of which enjoy the company of mortals. Physics don’t work the same in the Spirit World as they do in the physical world of Vriem, as such magic is often required to get around the various sections.

Regions and Places

Aldref, The City of Angels

Main article: Aldref

Pool of Constellations

Main article: Pool of Constellations

City of Gales

Main article: City of Gales

Shinri Forest

Main article: Shinri Forest

Anaten Archipelago

Main article: Anaten

Infinite Sea

Main article: Infinite Sea

Ki-rin Grove

Main article: Ki-rin Grove

Gilded Mountains

Main article: Gilded Mountains

Golden Summit

Main article: Golden Summit

Peaks of Kuthin

Main article: Peaks of Kuthin

Mount Kuthin

Main article: Mount Kuthin

Vaquanhi River

Main article: Vaquanhi River

Dust Fields

Main article: Dust Fields

Emerald Forest

Main article: Emerald Forest

Grey Wastes

Main article: Grey Wastes

Twin City of Narci

Main article: Narci

The Flying City of Aiedail

Main article: Aiedail

Maw of Fek

Main article: Maw of Fek

Desert of Lost Souls

Main article: Desert of Lost Souls

Dark Gloom

Main article: Dark Gloom

Eternal Wildfire

Main article: Eternal Wildfire