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Region Mezzorath River Basin, Kingdom of Halbor
Size Town
Demonym Halborian
Races Mostly human and dragonborn
Religions Temple of the Five Pointed Star, Saint Armina the Giver
Imports Stone
Exports Fish
Gov't type Aristocracy
Ruler Commnader Zarn
Population 6,000 in 472 AF









Swanfall was ruled by a baron. However after the town was sacked by Commander Zarn in 474 AF he has ruled as it's de-facto baron.

Town Officers

  • Captain of the Guard: Oversaw the town's defenses, guards, and ran the jail.
  • Master of Coin: Collected taxes, invested town funds, and directed payment to city officials.




Foreign Relations





Early in the Age of Magic elves built a small outpost in the area that would later become Swanfall. Not much was recorded about it except for mentions in maps and ledgers that survived from that time.


Dragonborn of the Orgahla Empire seized the settlement as they expanded their territory. Naming the settlement Ahktaranna, the dragonborn expanded the settlement greatly. It was around this time that Swanfeather Keep was constructed.

War of the Plains

Main article: War of the Plains

Elves of the Rahiil Kingdom took control of the growing town during the War of the Plains. After the war came to an end, the town became a center of research for the elves. Studies of the cosmos, the Spirit World, and eventually the Underdark were the main topics. The Fahrim Bridge was constructed during this period of time.

War of Tears

Ahktaranna was besieged by dragonborn of the Argorzen Empire during the War of Tears. Records of the incident claim the Mezzorath River was stained red with blood for several days.

The Fall

Main article: The Fall

Nearly the entire city of Ahktaranna was leveled by the Demon Lord Xentus during The Fall. Only a few of the sturdiest structures survived the devastation. Notably, most of Swanfeather Keep remained intact, along with the dragonborn temple that would later be converted into the Church of St Armina the Giver.


Humans eventually settled back in the area, naming the new settlement Swanfall. The new town eventually fell under the rule of the Lords of the Lakes. Despite the destruction dealt by Xentus, much of Ahktarannas underground infrastructure was discovered to have survived. This lead the town to grow significantly due to the high levels of sanitation.

Formation of the Clearwater Kingdom

Wars of Halbor

Swanfall fell to Halbor several days before the fall of Clearwater.

Notable Locations

Inner Town


Swanfeather Keep
Main article: Swanfeather Keep

One of the oldest structures in the area, Swanfeather Keep is home to the Baron of Swanfall.

Swanfall Square

The center of town is a large open area. While most day’s the square is empty, on Sundays (market day) the square transforms and is filled with various stalls and shoppes as farmers and villagers from outside town come to sell their goods.


Church of St. Armina the Giver

One of the oldest buildings in town, aside from Swanfall Keep, the Church of St. Armina the Giver is a medium sized cathedral. Originally built by the dragonborn of the Argorzen Empire to worship their gods (and to replace their older temple that was built by the Orgala Empire before the city fell to the Elves), the church has existed for over a thousand years.

Temple of the Five Pointed Star

The largest temple in town, this temple pays tribute to St Andrim, St Locas, St Izan, St Endrik, and St Otwin. Built after the Kingdom of Halbor formalized its rule over the area, the structure is hexagonal in shape and built of light stone quarried nearby.

The temple is made of several levels. The lowest is a large open room for worship. There are statues of the five saints the temple is dedicated to. In the center of the room is a large flat plinth, roughly 7x7, which is used to cremate the remains of the dead. Opposite the large front door is a door aside the statue of St Izan which leads to the cellar and the upper levels. The upper levels above are where the abbots and novices reside. The top floor is reserved for the head abbot, containing an office and a bedchamber.

Shrine of Hazen the Gold

While Swanfall was being rebuilt during the Age of Heroes, it’s dragonborn population raised funds and constructed a smaller temple to their main deity, Hazen the Gold. While the other dragonborn gods have small offering places in the entry of the shrine, the main space is dedicated to Hazen. Even having a 15’ gilded statue of his likeness in the back of the temple.

There isn’t a formal priest who takes care of the shrine, but different religious dragonborn take turns tending to the shrine. The actual keys to the temple are held by the Daxul family.


Muffin Top
Bolt and Thread
Edgar's Wood
Hazkoree's Ancient Remedies
Oddrun's Forge
Glint's House of Gaming

Inns and Taverns

Swan's Rest

Outer Town


Fahrim Bridge

Inns and Taverns

Bluestag Inn